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Tailored towards your child to support them at every stage of their development and to make their experience a fun and exciting one.

Lion Cubs 2-5 years- 40 mins

This session is aimed for full parent participation so you can help and interact with your child and watch them develop. In this session Lion Cubs are taught basic motor skill, working on co-ordination, balance and confidence. 

They will learn colours, numbers and will be encouraged to learn body parts whilst doing Rugby based activities such as catching and kicking our fun colourful foam balls. 

All our Lion cubs will be taken on a different adventure each week such as through the Jungle, Under the sea or into the circus as we believe in keeping the imagination active and making our sessions even more fun.

Alpha Lions 5-7 years - 40mins

Our Alpha Lions are a preparation for U7’s rugby entrance. We start to work on playing in teams with small-sided games, our Alpha Lion’s learn how to play within a team, when and how to pass the ball in a game scenario and learn the basic laws to Tag Rugby. 

We still work on motor skills, co-ordination, balance, speed, strength and social skills but now with more focus on Rugby. In these sessions we will use tag belts and size 3 rugby balls, the sessions are still taught in a fun and encouraging environment.

Parents are still allowed to watch the session and are encouraged to support their child at all times.

After Scrumtime Toddlers

When your child is to old for Scrumtime Toddlers we will recommend you to our linked rugby clubs. We have multiple links with a number of mini and junior sections around Coventry and Warwickshire to ensure your child’s development in the wonderful game of rugby. 

Owner Gareth Windsor is a coach at his own club Old Wheatleyans RFC for their Mini & Junior section, Mini Wheats. A lot of children who move on from Scrumtime Toddlers are continuing their rugby at Mini Wheats.  

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Specialists in Rugby based Children's Activities

Through the use of rugby and sports based activities we can help your little one to develop in most areas of child development:

  • language
  • memory
  • numeracy
  • physical development
  • co-ordination
  • social skills
  • concentration
  • confidence
  • body awareness

However, at the heart of our session we feel the most important thing is for our Scrumtime Toddlers to have FUN without knowing they are in fact learning and developing!

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